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This year, on August 13th, we celebrated for the first time the feast day of Blessed Michael McGivney, the founder of the Knights of Columbus. This was a day of great rejoicing for all Catholics, but especially for the Knights of Columbus. The Roman process of investigation into his life and holiness is nearing completion, and the investigation into a reported miracle is progressing, for his consideration for canonization.

The Father Michael J. McGivney Guild supports the canonization of our founding father. As of July 1st, 2021 there were just a little over 1,000 Guild members in the New Hampshire jurisdiction. However, each Knight of Columbus should consider membership. The spiritual heritage of Father McGivney is his precious gift to the Knights of Columbus. We owe it to him and the Church to share his gift with those we know.

Please join the Father Michael J. McGivney Guild by visiting the following link on the KofC Supreme website Father Michael J. McGivney Guild | Knights of Columbus ( It costs nothing to support our founding father.

Thank you,

Chip Lukitsch, Father Michael J. McGivney Guild. NH State Chairman