The Admission Committee, used correctly, ensures that applicants understand the Order and that the council understands what the candidate expects from his membership. This mutual understanding makes for a more thorough recruitment process and is the first step to membership retention.

  • Enlist seven men to serve on the Admission Committee (appointed by the grand knight).
  • Order copies of the Admission Committee Reports (#283) and the Admission Committee Inquiries Guide (#390) from Supply Department. Distribute to the committee for review/use.
  • Forward all membership applications to the grand knight for referral to the admission committee within five days.
  • Notify all applicants to appear before the committee.
  • Conduct an interview using the Admission Committee Inquiries Guide. Request the applicant to complete the Admission Committee Questionnaire area on the Form 100.
  • Forward the Admission Committee Report to the grand knight.
  • Read the Admission Committee Report at the next meeting. Conduct balloting.
  • Ask the man to complete the Member Interest Survey (#1842) to find out what type of activities are of interest to him.
  • Inform the candidates of the date of the next First Degree.
  • Advise the proposer to accompany his candidate to degree.
  • Assign new members to committees/activities that match the interests noted on their Admission Committee Questionnaires and the Member Interest Surveys.
  • Refer to the Grand Knight's Handbook (#915) "Admission Committee" section for complete instructions on the Admission Committee.
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