New Hampshire Knights of Columbus Veterans Affairs Volunteer Services Committee Memorandum


Bingo at the Veteran’s Hospital/ Home


To provide an hour or two of entertainment to the patients/ residents in the local VA Hospital or Veterans Home.


The Veterans Affairs Volunteer Services (VAVS) coordinates volunteer efforts at all Veterans facilities in the United States Members of the Knights of Columbus, Councils & Assemblies primarily responsible for providing support to veterans. Councils and Assemblies located in the local area of a Veterans Facility may also provide support by sponsoring Bingo game night. If not specifically sponsoring an evening themselves, council or assembly by assisting them. Patients and residents look forward to these games also other activities and very appreciative of the efforts made to provide this entertainment. In some instances, some patients/residents rarely have visitors and the interactions they have with visitors such as the knights are the only ones have. It is not unusual to find brother knights and their families working side by side in an evening of entertainment.


The amount of support varies from facility to facility. Always when scheduling an evening, contact your State Veterans Affairs Chairman for contact information and facilities most needed these activities. And the requirement to enter the facility. Traditionally, six (6) members are needed. But more are always welcome depends on how many players are in attendance. Refreshments and snacks which are provided during the game. Snacks could be packages plain cracker, cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers and or sugar free cookies, ice cream cups and can sodas with some diet ones nothing larger than 12oz can or bottles are acceptable. The cost of refreshments and snacks would vary depending on the number of players and visitors but $15.00 should be sufficient for most game nights. Game winners receive $1.00 per game and normally play 5 game rounds and one blackout game is not to exceed $10.00 cash prize.

And with one or two members experience in calling or playing bingo could help make the evening enjoyable for all.

I am always available for questions and comments at (603) 703-1723 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vivat Jesus God bless America

Robert W. Garand VAVS Representative