As  we  continue  Implement  the  Building  the Domestic  Church  While Strengthening Parish  Initiative,  am  writing  to ask  every  State  Council  to  expand  our  Holy  Family  HolyFamilyPrayer Program by hosting a  diocesan-wide "Holy Family Celebration.

These  celebrations  should  be  based  on  the  existing,  rosary-based  Holy  Family Prayer Program (#5050)  already In  use  by councils,  but should  also be expanded  to  Include  the Consecration  to the  Holy  Family  (#10371)  and  period  of  adoration  and  solemn  Benediction  of  the  Blessed Sacrament.  The  program  can also be supplemented  In  other ways, such  as by  Inviting  a Knights of Columbus  family  -  perhaps  your jurisdiction's  Family  of the  Year -  to  give  a  witness  talk. These  celebrations  could  be  held  In  a  cathedral,  major  church  other  suitable  to facilitate  the  greatest  participation  posslble,  both  by  brother  Knights  and  their  famllles,  by the broader  Catholic  community


State  Councils  cover  multiple  dioceses  can  consider  reglonal  events  for  several neighboring  dioceses. The  key  Is  that  every State Council  should  host at  least  one  Holy  Famlly Celebratlon  this  year,  even  If  It  Is  just  single  event  for  all  the  dioceses  In  your  jurisdiction. Programming  resources  will  be  posted  In  the  coming  weeks,  but now  Is the time to start looking  Into dates and  venues.

Intent  these  Holy  Family  Celebratlons  to  become annual events that will be a signature  component of our Bulldlng the Domestic  Church  Initiative.

I  want to take this opportunity to commend  our brother Knights In  Arizona who, for more than 40 years,  have  hosted the  large-scale  rosary  celebratlons that  Inspired  this  Initiative.  The  Arizona Rosary Celebratlons  are now  held  annually In  stadiums  In  the  Dioceses of Phoenix and Tucson, and  are  attended  by  their  local  bishops  and  many  thousands  of faithful.  The  success  of their efforts  Is evidence  that Catholic  communities  welcome  such  opportunities  to come together  for a day of prayer  and solldarlty.

These  Holy  Family Celebrations  will  be an Important way for the  Knights of Columbus to serve a leadership  role and to be the  vanguard  of the renewal  of marriage  and family  life.

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